We offer full Technical management for a ship administration and oversight of the vessel’s
technical operations and maintenance. This encompasses a range of responsibilities to ensure
that the ship is safe, seaworthy, and operating efficiently and ensure that all the Key aspects of
technical management for a ship are fulfilled.

Maintenance and Repair: Planning and executing routine maintenance schedules for
machinery, equipment, and hull structures. This involves coordinating with engineers,
technicians, and contractors to conduct inspections, repairs, and overhauls as necessary.

Safety and Compliance: Ensuring that the ship complies with international maritime
regulations, classification society requirements, and industry standards for safety, pollution
prevention, and operational performance. This includes maintaining up-to-date certificates and

Inventory and Spare Parts Management: Managing inventory levels of spare parts,
consumables, and supplies necessary for the ship’s operation. This involves procurement,
storage, and distribution to ensure that critical components are available when needed.

Budgeting and Cost Control: Developing and managing budgets for technical operations,
including maintenance, repairs, and supplies. Monitoring expenses and identifying
opportunities for cost savings without compromising safety or performance.

Dry Docking and Surveys: Planning and coordinating dry-docking periods for major inspections,
repairs, and upgrades. This includes liaising with shipyards, classification societies, and
regulatory authorities to ensure that all necessary work is completed to the required standards.

Technical Documentation and Records: Maintaining accurate records of maintenance activities,
inspections, repairs, and modifications. This includes keeping technical manuals, drawings, and
documentation up-to-date and easily accessible for reference.

Performance Monitoring and Optimization: Monitoring the performance of machinery,
systems, and equipment to identify trends, inefficiencies, or potential issues. Implementing
measures to optimize performance, reduce fuel consumption, and extend the lifespan of assets.

Crew Training and Development: Providing training and guidance to crew members on technical
procedures, equipment operation, and safety protocols. Ensuring that personnel are competent
and capable of fulfilling their roles effectively.

Overall, we offer an effective technical management ,essential for ensuring the safe and
efficient operation of a ship throughout its lifecycle, from construction and commissioning to